Sample Collection, Hydrologic Testing, and Monitoring

Sample Collection, Hydrologic Testing,

& Monitoring


Scarlett Geophysical Consulting routinely collects soil and water samples for laboratory analysis and conducts aquifer tests. BPA is experienced in the following:

  • Collection, preservation, QA/QC documentation, and safety procedures for handling contaminated soil and water samples

  • Design and installation of monitoring wells

  • Application of statistical analyses to interpret the relative significance of changes over time in the chemistry of water samples

  • Use of geophysical techniques as an aid in siting the minimum number of wells required to effectively monitor a particular site

  • Design, performance, and interpretation of aquifer pump tests, insitu hydraulic conductivity tests, slug tests, and straddle packer tests to determine the rate and direction of ground water movement

  • Stormwater sampling using automated sampling systems

  • Flow weighted surface water sampling and sediment analysis

  • Stream gaging and hydrometry