Geophysical Investigations

Geophysical Investigations

Scarlett Geophysical Consulting is experienced in the collection, interpretation, and presentation of data obtained by all commonly used geophysical survey techniques, remote sensing tools, and field measuring instruments for investigation and characterization of the near subsurface environment including:

  • GEM 300, EM 31, EM 34, and their equivalents used for electromagnetic induction spectroscopy and electromagnetic terrain conductivity surveys

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) used to delineate subsurface structure and to determine locations and depths of buried objects

  • Electrical resistivity instruments used to investigate subsurface electrical properties

  • Seismic refraction and reflection instruments used to investigate subsurface structure and stratigraphy

  • Magnetometers used to map magnetic anomalies caused by subsurface geological or cultural features

  • Metal detectors and pipe locators used for the detection and mapping of underground piping and tanks

  • Gamma-gamma (density), gamma, neutron, resistivity and SP, sonic, temperature, and caliper logging commonly used in borehole geophysical logging

  • Field Photo Ionization (PID) and Flame Ionization (FID) instruments and gas chromatographs used in the detection, measurement, mapping, and monitoring of volatile organic soil gases